X.One® Armorvisor and X.One® Ultra Matte Series. What’s the difference?

Ideally, both series are having the same function which is to help filter out  90% of 380-420nm of blue-light.

The differences are explained as below :

Armorvisor has an antishock feature and is only available for iPhone series.

Ultra Matte Series has a matte surface, and does not have antishock feature. Ultra Matte Series however is only made available for curved screen devices only such as Galaxy Note 9, Note 8 and so on.

Ultra Matte Series on the other hand has 2 types. One with anti-blue light feature and one without anti-blue light feature.

The anti-blue light feature only made available for selected models which are, Galaxy Note 9, Note 8, S9 Plus, Mate 20 Pro and S7 Edge.

Note : Both screen protectors will have a yellowish tint and is considered normal because the yellowish tint helps filter out the blue lights.