Why is your screen protector not fullscreen?

Please note our screen protectors are designed to the maximum width as the materials are unable to adhere to non flat surfaces.

Since our screen protectors are not edge to edge like some screen protectors on the market, there should not be any Halo effect (air bubbles surrounding the edges of the screen protector). If there are any air bubbles surrounding the edges, please re-apply the screen protector for a better alignment.

Mainly because the screen display engineered nowadays are made with 2.5D glass display which simply means, it has a slight curvature on the edges.

By having a slight curvature on the edges, a thick fullscreen protector is not able to adhere fully on the edges hence creating Halo Efffect or in other words, “white edges”.


Halo Effect
Halo Effect (bubbles on the edges)
So called “Fullscreen” tempered glass sold in the market.

To eliminate the Halo Effect issue, we utilize laser cutting for 99% accuracy. That is why you will find our protector fits perfectly onto your device. Since it is laser cut and not die cut by blades, it is less prone to halo effect and white bubble edge like most other tempered glass.

There might be certain tempered glass in the market offer to be fullscreen and works without Halo Effect mainly because the glue is not full adhere on the entire screen but rather only on the sides hence protector will not stick long onto the screen.