What it means by 3H/5H/9H? Is X.One® Extreme Shock Eliminator Series easily scratched?

3H/5H/9H represent the surface hardness of the screen protector. X.One® Extreme Series has surface hardness of 5H, which is the highest available for TPU film. Daily engagements such as coins, keys, are all 5H and below, therefore less likely to scratch X.One® Extreme Series screen protector.

However. this does not mean that items listed 5H and below will not be able to scratch the surface. If the object has a pointed edge or sharp edge, it will still have the possibility to scratch it. Sometimes you may realize your screen protectors get scratch even when you put into your empty pocket. This situation may occur due to sand particles.

As we constantly use our phones in an open-air environment, dust and sand particles are hard to be seen by naked eye and may sometimes stick onto our phone screen. Sand particles may cause abrasion towards the screen protector and leaving it some swirl scratch marks on the protector.

As for Stealth Armor’s self-healing capability, as long as minor scratches are on the “surface layer” it will recover over time. However if scratches gone through the surface layer, it will leave a “deep mark” which is called dent and self-healing feature is no longer applicable in this case.

In order to achieve self healing and antishock functionalities, the surface has to be treated with soft-gel like properties. Slight wavy patterns may be observed under light conditions and are considered normal and will not affect viewing and not visible during normal use.

Although some may argue tempered glass having better performance in scratch resistance, but it may not satisfy anyone for its capability in absorbing and dispersing shock/impact.