So many screen protector series. What are the differences?

The Extreme Shock Eliminator is made from 5 layers of soft polymers designed to disperse direct impacts. It is a polymer based and the hardness(scratch resistant) is rated at 5H. By definition, it has an anti-shock features and will never crack but may get more small dents and scratches over time. Extreme Shock Eliminator is not available for curved screen devices such as the Galaxy Note 9, S9 Plus, Mate 20 Pro and so on due to it’s thickness. 

Ultimate Pro Series on the other hand exhibits the same feature as the Extreme Shock Eliminator. The difference is that, Ultimate Pro Series has a lower fingerprint resistant due its oleophobic coating limitation.

Ultra Series and Stealth Armor series is the only available screen protector for curved screen devices such as the Galaxy Note 9, S9 Plus and so on. Both offers a fullscreen coverage which wraps beyond the edges so that it will fit perfectly with your bulky cases. Do bare in mind that, Ultra Series does not comes with an anti-shock feature because to enable a fullscreen coverage for curved screen devices, the top layer has to be sacrificed. Stealth Armor on the other hand provides a 2.5x stronger screen strength.

Our 360° Privacy and Confidential Series are the privacy screen protectors which is suitable for people who wanted to protect their phone screen against social surfers. 360° Privacy offers a 4 way privacy which includes top, bottom, left and right. Confidential Series on the other hand provides only 2 way privacy which is left and right. Both of these privacy screen protector also offers an anti-shock function while only the 360° privacy offers a matte finishing layer.

Armorvisor series on the other hand helps to protect your eye by filtering blue ray lights emitted from your phone display. As blue light gives a bad damage to people’s eye in the long term.

All of our screen protectors hardness(scratch resistant) is rated as 5H and the only screen protector which has a 9H rating is our Gorilla seriesGorilla series is the only glass protectors that we ever made and is only available for curved screen devices. While it provides more than enough impact protection, it may crack more easily from drops and impacts.