Can I clean the screen protector if there is dust?

Our Extreme Shock Eliminator and Ultimate Pro series can be cleaned and washed by water then reapplied. Any kind of lint or particle stuck on the adhesion can be washed away.
In order to clean your screen protector, please follow these few steps:


  1. If the screen protector is on your phone, please peel off. You should use the stickers provided or any kind of tape to make sure you do not damage the adhesive with your fingernails if needed.
  2. Let water pour down on the whole screen protector on both sides and make sure you remove every piece of dust and anything else that could prevent it from sticking again. Tap water is acceptable at this point.
  3. In order to dry it, please do not rub anything against it. Please simply shake it in the air with your fingers 10-20 seconds. It will remove most of the water.
  4. Reapply while still wet. You will be able to remove the bubbles later with the squeegee provided.


Our Ultra Series, Stealth Armor and Gorilla Series is unfortunately not cleanable.