Is my device screen unbreakable after using X.One® Extreme Shock Eliminator?

In fact, there is no screen protectors offered in the market which can provide a 100% unbreakable screen. The concept of X.One® Extreme series is to strengthen device’s screen toughness up to 5 times, hence lowering the probability of screen cracking by 70-80%.

Although X.One® Extreme Series is able to absorb and disperse impact; there are still unforeseeable circumstances that may cause screen to crack. There is still limitation for X.One® Extreme Series. If the pressure exceeds the limitation, device’s screen may crack.

Considerations whether your phone screen will break or not still depends on what type of phone casing you are currently using such as thin or thick/bulky cases. Does it have a raised egde and on what surface and how the phone is dropped onto the surface plays an important role whether or not your screen will break or not.